How coaching works

Coaching helps people become more effective by making them more aware of their environment and the impact they have within it. The best coaches use questions to help people achieve a better understanding of a problem or situation in order to generate solutions and commit to delivering a result within an agreed timescale.

Coaches do not need to be subject experts and rarely provide solutions themselves. This is because imposed solutions get limited buy in. A non-golfer can coach an experienced golfer and bring about significant improvements. Using questions they help the golfer to raise their awareness of what they are doing technically to achieve different shot outcomes.

Coaching can be carried out in a number of ways but generally has 4 key elements:

1.Being really clear about what needs to be achieved- agreeing the objective. 

2.Exploring the current reality

3.Generating options

4.Committing to an outcome within a timescale

Coaching can therefore be used in many situations. It can be particularly effective in helping good performers to become even better. It can also help less experienced performers to take on board new skills and situations.

A typical coaching programme consists of face-to-face sessions of up to 2.5 hours every 3-4 weeks over a 6-month period.

Step 2 can be informed with the use of feedback from self and others gathered informally or more formally using a range of development reports.